Crazy Clarence Thomas Interview

While avoiding working I came across this crazy Clarence Thomas interview from 1987 with the libertarian Reason magazine. At the time Thomas was President Reagan’s appointment to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. A few years later he went on to Supreme Court as a Bush I appointment, and the only current black Supreme Court justice.

Reason: Say I’m a private employer and I’m a racist, and no matter how qualified a black candidate is I don’t look at him. Isn’t it my right to hire whom I choose? Should the state force me to hire somebody?

Thomas: I guess theoretically, you’re right.

Reason: Well it’s clearly immoral to do that, but should it be illegal?

Thomas:  I’m torn.

Now the full context does make it better. But to me it shows to things: 1) How far anti-government libertarians can carry their reasoning, and 2) How far racial politics/rhetoric has shifted in a liberal direction. Imagine if this happened in 2016?

Maybe the negative interpretation of this is that aggressive liberal anti-racism has just driven these type conversations underground .


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