Noam Chomsky on American Exceptionalism

Noam Chomsky gave a talk today at Rutgers University about American Exceptionalism, the idea that the U.S. is unique and extremely important in the world for the spread of equality, freedom, and human rights. This is a summary of the talking points.

It seems that many of the agendas pursued by the American government in terms of foreign policy are done in the name of liberty and democracy. Paradoxically, the U.S. is internationally seen as the single greatest threat to world peace. The U.S. has a history of rejecting World Court judgements, consistently violates the idea of non-aggression, and funds the unbridled aggression of its cronies Israel and the newest member of the group Saudi Arabia. Instead of being the leading nation of the free world as we like to think ourselves as, we ignore precedent, international law, and act like a rogue nation while condoning the actions of other lunatic states.

The U.S. has consistently blocked non-proliferation attempts in the Middle East to prevent investigation of Israel’s nuclear arms. The so-called Iranian threat is not military in nature. The intelligence states that the Iranian development of a nuclear weapon is for the purpose of a “deterrence strategy” as in, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be less aggressive if Iran has access to a nuclear weapon. While it’s certainly important that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, it’s hardly the case that Iran would truly threaten to use them. The reaction the U.S. Congress had is reflective of what politics has become in the U.S. The entire Republican caucus is unilaterally opposed to the Iran deal. The entire spectrum has shifted to the right. Moderate Democrats such as Bill Clinton would have been seen as moderate Republicans in the ‘60s.

The normalization of relations with Cuba is long overdue. America has always been alone in its embargo with Cuba, other than its yes-man, Israel. America’s goal has long been to dominate the Western Hemisphere. It has been running a century long protection racket, and when a country like Cuba does not bow down, America does not tolerate it.

In conclusion, Noam Chomsky made many accurate points regarding the U.S. However, he may have been slightly over critical in certain respects. It certainly is true that the U.S. must be less aggressive and cease to condone the aggression of its allies. Also, many Americans are ignorant of the acts of violence and negligence America has committed in these last few decades. In order to solve a problem we must first acknowledge it exists. The U.S. is far from perfect. However, we must remain optimistic, raise awareness, and work to prevent future violence.


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